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We are Very Happy that You decided to join in our discussions. I pledge to you that you  w i l l   come away from this experience with some very Useful Knowledge, and that you  w i l l  be able to Benefit Substantially from these Tools, this coming Growing Season.  That is really our primary goal. Since you have (by visiting us)  demonstrated your Interest in Growing Healthful, Nutritional Vegetables and Fruits,    You are now officially Our Friend !   So . . .  Welcome, Friend.  Dive in, Dig in, and   ENJOY !

We are Always Very Happy and Excited when we can Welcome a New Member or a New Visitor to T.N.G.   We exist solely for the purpose of Teaching and "Spreading the Gospel" of  the Vital skills needed for the  "Grow Bio-Intensive" Process  of  Nutritional  Planting  and  Gardening.  Our Program has grown (a Lot) since we started some years ago, and continues to grow, thanks to New Members and Visitors like you. Thank You !

To get you started right, we will be very careful Not to Overload You with Too Much Information, all at once.  As you progress along, it will be at Your Chosen Pace, learning the Subjects that Interest You the Most.  At the beginning, we will simply provide an outline of the scope (and depth) of the Complete Program. You will begin to pick out some of your favorite Topics right away.  We will help You and Guide You along that path.  To begin with, you Might Wish to visit one (or two) of Our other Websites, and begin exploring for yourself.  The Next Website that we would recommend is :

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Our Mission is Simple and Direct:  We work hard to Insure that  Our Members  and  Our Visitors  are Learning How to Grow  "Real Nutrition"  on their own plot of ground. God gave to us this Beautiful Earth that we live on. The least that we can do is to  Try  to  Take  Care  of it, and we can  Work  Hard  to  Teach  Others  how to do the same. Only our students, members, and visitors can tell us How we are doing.  Please let us know what we do right - and -  what we do wrong.  Thank  You.


Come  Join  Us  -  and  Work  With  Us

We welcome New Members, and we get Very Excited when someone New Joins our group.  Our Members enjoy many benefits. Here are some of them :

 -  Access to a Massive Knowledge Base (Library) - and it grows larger daily.  -  Many very well organized and thoroughly developed LESSONS - on Top Subjects.  -  Newsletters Weekly - Not just Ours, but Other Closely Related Organizations, too.  -  Free Seminars given Locally and Invitations to regular Roundtable Discussions, as well.  -  A Chance to Experiment and Try New Things, as a T.N.G. Research Gardener. -  A Chance to Really Develop Your Own Personal  SKILL  BASE -  This is (of course)  Our  Primary  Focus  and  Emphasis.

So, Please Let us know, if you think you are Interested.  "Click" on the  "Contact Us"  Link  at the top of the page, and then Tell Us !

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Our  Goals  and  Objectives

1.)  To Use with Great Care, to Preserve, and to Protect - Heritage seeds and clones.

2.)  To Teach Others How to Preserve, to Protect, and to Enrich their Precious Soil.

3.)  To Establish a Campaign of Protection and Defense of Valuable Insect Populations.

         ( That is, Pollinator Bees and others, Predatory Insects controlling Insect Pests.)

4.)  To Teach Others the Vital Differences between "Open-Pollinated" Seeds and Hybrid Seeds.

5.)  To Enhance a Much Needed Appreciation of and for the small "Family Farm" and Farmer.

6.)  To Increase Everyone's Awareness in Every Way Possible, of the Dangerous Threat to  Human Nutrition, due to Soil Depletion -and- to the Large-Scale loss of viable farm land.


Our  Position  Statement

Our T.N.G. Idaho Chapter, promoting  "Grow Bio-Intensive"  is Very Outspoken -and- Very Pro-Active in Support for those who believe as we do, and for those who Understand the Needs and Challenges of Growing "Real Nutrition". We are also very aggressive toward those who would divert or attempt to thwart our efforts, and we will "short-circuit" those who interfere with our activities, which are to Teach and to Demonstrate effectively.


Important  Points  to  Ponder  (This is the Core of our "Strategic Plan" and Our Life Campaign)

    - The Terrible, Ongoing Loss of Viable Farm Land

    - The 90 Year Continued Erosion Loss of "Great Plains" Topsoil

    - The Severe and Ongoing Depletion of Soil Nutrients Everywhere

    - The Careless and Extravagant Use of Valuable Water Resources

    - The Irreplaceable Loss of Vital Skills and Knowledge vested in the Small Scale Farmer

    - And The Enormous Need to Educate the population about "Real Nutrition"


"SAFE  SEEDS"  And  The  Pledge

We Buy 95% of our Seeds from Bountiful Gardens. These Terrific Folks sell Only untreated, open-pollinated, non-GMO seed of Identifiable Heritage (heirloom) sources. This Provides Us with Top Quality - vegetables, herbs, flowers, grains, green manures, compost and carbon crops. We benefit from their many varieties of Certified Organic, Natural, Bio-Intensive(TM), or Grow Bio-Intensive(TM) sustainable seed. They are a C.C.O.F. Certified Organic Handler, C.D.F.A. OP #23-0336. Their Specialties are: Rare and unusual varieties, Medicinal herbs, and (Wow !) some Super-Nutrition varieties.  

Many people wonder what is meant by "Open Pollination". Open-pollinated varieties produce seeds that will grow into a new plant of the exact same variety. They have been grown, selected, and preserved by farmers and gardeners since the very beginnings of agriculture, 5 millennia ago. Hybrid seeds, on the other hand, grow into plants which, while they may be sometimes usable in themselves, will not produce seed of the same variety - as they do not “breed true”. The Problem is, The gardener who plants hybrid varieties will have to buy new seed every year, and then he will gamble (and hope) that he gets "good" ones. Hybrid seed production is concentrated in the hands of a very few companies, most often owned by petrochemical corporations (such as Monsanto). 

Many seeds on the market today are hybrids, bred to produce best under Corporate Agri-Business conditions. Too often, older varieties which have exceptional flavor and Nutrition, and will flourish under home garden conditions, are facing real extinction.  By planting open-pollinated varieties, you are helping to preserve our wonderful agricultural heritage, with all of its incredible diversity.


 The  Director's  Corner  

[ Note: I recently sent this exact letter to several of the so-called   "Survivalist" websites, where they were discussing   growing their own food, preserving food, or "seed exchanges" - (saving and preserving seed.) You would be amazed at the wide variety of reactions that I got. ]   [ Please Read. ]

Dear Friends:

        For anyone to believe that just "any old food" that he eats is "Just Fine"; without regard to it's Genetic Origins, it's Growing Conditions and the supporting soil, and the Nutrients that are in that soil which are essential to nourish and to grow the source plant;   Well, That is Complete Nonsense!   There are So Many Examples of why this is true, that I scarcely know where to begin. Well, I am going to begin, anyway.  

        I see many "Nice Looking" Gardens. The rows are straight and neat - and the ground between rows is bare and free from any "weeds" - and the plants get a "shower" from sprinklers twice a day! - The plant selections are (typically) as follows:     

  >> Lettuce - Green Beans - Peas - Carrots - Cucumbers - Summer Squash - Bell Peppers   - and, Of Course, Tomatoes - Almost ALL of these Will Be   "F1" Hybrids !!   

        I can honestly say that there is Not Enough NUTRITION   growing in this "garden" to keep just one person alive for a week.   The soil has already been depleted, yet there are No Nutrients being returned (or added) to the soil - and No Human Nutrition (as Calories) is being produced either. The bare (uncovered) soil, and the use of sprinklers tells me that   NO   Plant   Nutrition   is being prepared by the Essential Microbes, Good Nematodes, Mycellium, and Micorhizae - which perform those Critical Functions.

        Why does Almost Everyone do this ?   Because - Everybody Talks About "Food"   -yet-   they make No Attempt to Really Learn About and Understand   NUTRITION !   The Very First Thing that I Teach my students - is All About   NUTRITION. This is Before I even start on the subjects of "What to Plant"   and   "How to Plant"  them, and  "How to Care for"  these plants. These Good People Already know that to Really "Grow Nutrition", they Must First, "Nourish the Soil" with Carefully Managed Compost and "Micro-Organisms", And Then they must choose the Right Vegetable Plants to grow . . .  

    -   Here is My "Top   20    List"   - In Descending Order:   --  Sweet Potatoes (I did NOT say Yams!)  --  Mangels  --  Rutabagas  --  Dry Beans  --  Sugar Beets  --  Winter Squash  --  Grains (Corn)  --  Parsnips/Artichokes/Salsify  --  Red Skinned Potatoes  --  Kohlrabi  --  Greens  (Very Specific Greens)  --  Root Tubers (Beets, Turnips)  --  Eggplant  --  Melons  --  Alliums (Onions, Garlic, etc.)  --  Heritage Tomatoes  --  Gold Zuchinni  --  and Italian Sweet Peppers.

Wait ! - I Am Not Finished Yet !  ALL of   the Vegetables on my  "Top 20 List"  are Grown Exclusively from "Open-Pollinated", Heritage Seeds - There Are  NO  EXCEPTIONS  to This !

Well, Now You Know !   You can Ignore this Letter at your very own Peril.   But, You Cannot Say that you were not fully warned.

Very Truly Yours,   /S/   Bill Marrs -   Director   "G 4 N"   -   Grow   For   Nutrition


We would like to Give a Big, Hearty Idaho  "Thank You"  to Each One of our Valued Sources and Contributors . . .

  >> And  Especially  to :  

  >   The Organic Prepper -  Daisy Luther

  >   Ecology Action -  Ethayne Willis

  >   The American Society for Nutrition

  >   Dr. Denise Smith - Director of the School of Food Science  -  and Chaired Professor at both Washington State University  and  The University of Idaho -  Moscow / Pullman, Wa.

  >   Dr. Debbie Christofferson - Food $ense, Research Assistant Professor  - Utah State University -  Logan, Utah  

  >   Dr. Michael Qian, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Food Chemistry, and Food Analysis.  Oregon State University - Corvallis, OR

  >   Plus: Our own "TNG" Researchers and Test Gardeners


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