The NUTRITIOUS GARDEN . ORG is a "Not - for - Profit" Organization. We Teach You to Have GOOD HEALTH from Choosing GOOD FOOD (Natural NUTRITION ). And, We Show You HOW To GROW All of It !


As  Required  by  the  Various  Search  Engines :

In order to properly accommodate, support, service, and  communicate with our Members and our Visitors, it becomes necessary that we collect the Following Information :

  -  Full Name, E-Mail Address, and Phone Number of Each One of our Participants ;

  -  The Complete Mailing Address of  Each One of our Participants, for the purpose of Mailing out Lessons, Newsletters, Bulletins, and updates ;

  -  and  the  "Personal Preferences"  regarding  Each  One  of  Our  Participant's  Interests.

We may retain this Information, Only as Long as Each Participant is Active. We will  NEVER,  EVER  Disclose, Share, Rent, or Sell - ANY Component of this Information  -  For Any Reason  -  At Any Time.  Period !