The NUTRITIOUS GARDEN . ORG is a "Not - for - Profit" Organization. We Teach You to Have GOOD HEALTH from Choosing GOOD FOOD (Natural NUTRITION ). And, We Show You HOW To GROW All of It !


Our Parent Group, "The Nutritious Garden",  is a  Not for Profit Organization, which Exists Solely for the purposes of  Collecting, Analyzing, Revising, Displaying on Websites, and in Print; Distributing, Providing Text Material, Teaching Courses and Seminars; and updating an  Extensive "Data-Base" Library pertaining to the following Topics, and No Other ! 

    1.)   Understanding  Real  Nutrition,

    2.)   The  REAL  Dangers  to  Good  Health  for  Humanity,

    3.)   The  TOTAL  DISASTER  Presented  by  "GMO"  Seeds  and  Plants,  

    4.)   Learning  the  Skills  to  Apply  the  "Grow Bio-Intensive"  Method,

    5.)   The  Importance  of  (and the True Value of)  "Open-Pollinated"  and  "Heritage"  Plants,

    6.)   Promoting  the  Complete  "Organic  Grower's  Planting  Methods",  and

    7.)   The  Protection  and  Preservation  of  Viable,  Productive  Farmland.

Please,  Pray  for  Our  Success.